Kaventsmann was founded by maverick watchmaker

Michael Fernandez who started his new venture of creating his own watch in the garage of his parents.

After finishing school and a training as an industry mechanic, he started his own business producing carbon fiber parts for racing bikes.The acquisition of a small lathe led to the creation of parts from Aluminum and Titanium. Due to unforeseen health issues, Michael was forced to stop the production of carbon fiber parts.

While studying engineering & construction technology he started to build watches in 2011

The watches are entirely handmade in Berlin Germany, the work of just one man wanting to hand build a watch for his father’s birthday. Michael realized that he found his passion.He researched his ancestry and found out that his grand-grandfather had been a watchmaker.

In German, ‘Kaventsmann’ is a term used colloquially to describe hefty objects. It is also used to describe rogue waves, relatively large and spontaneous ocean surface waves that occur far out at sea.

Only a few watches leave the workshop each month.