KAVENTSMANN Triggerfish 3 falicornia edition

KAVENTSMANN Triggerfish 3 falicornia edition

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We offer here our new Triggerfish 3 series, we will produce approximately 8-10 watches each month.  All parts of the triggerfish 3 are replacable and easy to servicing for every watchmaker in the world.  All spare parts for that watch are in stock and could be shipped within a couple of days. We will offer in the next weeks also different bezel designs, high pressure crystals, which you can order in our shop. So with some skills you are able to change bezel or crystal by yourselves. 


Kaventsmann Triggerfish 3 specs.

- Case material : Stainless Steel 1.4401 /1.4305

- Crown :     12mm non screwed   stainless steel crown  sealed by a special highpressure resistant rod-sealing

- diameter bezel 45mm

- acrylic crystal (plexi) tempered

-  dial aluminum brushed , engraved, falicornia design

- lug to lug 60,4mm

- lugsize 24mm

- height  with plexi 17mm

 - waterresistant 50-160bar (500m - 1600m)  depending of crystal thickness

- movement ETA swissmade automatic

- watch comes  in a traveler etuis

note: this watch is entirely handmade, so you can find some tiny toolingmarks

contact : info@kvntsmn.com

production time 15-30 days

payment via PayPal or Bank transfer

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